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Records Management & Storage

It is critical that your company’s accounting, finance, and associated records are managed properly, have appropriate retention periods, and that the retention process is managed appropriately and transparently. Advantage Records Management & Storage is uniquely positioned to consult, plan, and execute a comprehensive records management and retention program to satisfy your Eastern Iowa company’s records management policies.

Secure Vault Storage

Advantage Records Management & Storage operates Eastern Iowa’s only certified digital “FireLock” media vault. Our vault is designed for the express purpose of storing digital and physical media in a safe and secure environment. When you decide to store your data in our vault, we design a program to fit your company’s individual needs. Our vault incorporates a flexible and customizable storage system that can accommodate all types and sizes of data mediums such as backup tapes, data cartidges, CDs, DVDs, computer disks, films, optical disks, and more.

Document Destruction & Shredding

Advantage Records Management & Storage offers the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area’s professional community a secure, low-cost alternative for the destruction or storage of records and files. Our objective is to provide unlimited growth potential for your business while maintaining records in a secure, organized, and convenient environment. Advantage Records Management follows stringent guidelines for our business, retail, and individual clients.