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Secure Document Destruction

Advantage is a NAID AAA Certified Information Destruction Service Provider located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and offers the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area’s professional community a secure, low-cost alternative for the destruction or storage of records and files you no longer wish to retain. Our objective is to provide unlimited growth potential for your business while maintaining your record’s entire lifecycle in secure, organized, and convenient environment.

The NAID certification reflects Advantage’s competency and commitment to ensuring the security of our customer’s confidential materials throughout the document lifecycle, from transportation and storage to disposal service.

The National Association for Information Destruction is a standard-setting body of experts in the information destruction industry who have established testing and auditing requirements for consumer protection. The program includes a comprehensive screening process and an audit system to verify all security protocols are in place, with an ongoing unannounced audit program to ensure compliance. A full list of the security specifications can be viewed online at the association’s website.

NAID is the only consumer protection watchdog association that audits the qualifications of data destruction service providers worldwide. NAID not only helps educate consumers on the importance of document security but also equips them with a standard for evaluating document management service providers.