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About Us

With Advantage Records Management, your records and critical documents are safe, secure, efficiently managed & economically stored! Advantage RMS is a full-service records management center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, giving organizations across Eastern Iowa a true “advantage” when it comes to solutions for managing records, files, boxes of documents, and other sensitive media such as microfilm, backup tapes, or x-ray, in a highly secure environment… while maintaining ease of access.

Our 80,000 square foot secure records management facility is purpose-built for document management and features a Firelock Fireproof Modular Vault. The building is equipped with motion detectors, magnetic locks, smoke and heat detectors, glass break detectors, a high-density fire suppression system, and surveillance cameras.

All employees are insured and bonded, having completed a background check at the time of employment. All personnel are randomly drug tested and must assent to a confidentiality agreement. Our employees wear an Advantage logo on their ID badge, shirt, or jacket, and all visitors at all facilities are required to sign in, issued a visitors pass, and escorted throughout the premises.

We take these precautions, so you don’t have to. We understand our responsibility in the security and confidentiality of the information you have entrusted to our care. We are diligent in our process and practices and will provide your organization with the quality of service your organization demands and deserves.

Advantage Records Management utilizes the latest technology, including bar-coding and web-based services, to give you and your business a clear advantage when accessing and requesting services/issuing work orders related to your critical documents.

Advantage Records Management maintains complete control of our web-based services in our Cedar Rapids facility, giving you the advantage of real-time information regarding your documents in our secure facility. You can be assured that your records are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, even under the most severe of circumstances.

When it comes to your records storage and records retention strategies, we will work closely with the designated and authorized individuals in your organization to maintain retention schedules that are set up by the clients to maintain compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, FACTA, PIPEDA, and other regulatory requirements.

Who we Serve

Government Agencies

Over the past decade, government agencies in Iowa, at all levels, have been increasingly relying upon electronic document management technologies to both improve their work process efficiencies and to deliver services to their constituents in a faster, more effective manner.

Educational Institutions

Iowa’s educational institutions, both public and private, are burdened with more paperwork than ever before. Dealing with paper-based business processes while struggling to comply with regulations such as NCLB, FERPA, AND HIPAA are tough for any administrator. Many of these institutions have taken advantage of an offsite strategy for retention (e.g. attendance documents, report cards, transcripts), which has provided Iowa’s schools , colleges, universities, and those industries that serve them with a proven solution.

Healthcare Industry

Although patient chart conversions can vary from hundreds of thousands of images to millions of images, at Advantage Records Management & Services, we understand that EVERY page may become critical when researched. That is why many of Iowa’s major hospital organizations, teaching programs, and laboratories have relied on Advantage to ensure that EVERY page is easily found, readily accessible, and completely secure. These three essentials have driven our focus on operations and quality control over the years.

Financial and Insurance

Across the state of Iowa and the country as a whole, financial organizations have faced the challenge of finding new ways to thrive in an ever more complex operational environment. With spiraling costs, increasing regulation, and competitive pressures, they need simplified, speedier business processes that allow them to focus on their core competencies and maximize space. As a result, Advantage Records Management understands that organizations are looking to gain a competitive advantage by being more efficient.

Manufacturing Industry

In today’s economic environment, Eastern Iowa’s manufacturers must find any competitive advantage they can to increase their overall business efficiency and reduce costs to remain competitive. Pressures to reduce product life cycles, improve quality, enforce standards, and comply with regulations make it vital for this sector to implement a document management solution that does not take focus away from what they are trying to accomplish.


At Advantage Records Management & Storage, the confidentiality of legal records is paramount to our operations. Attorneys and law firms in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and the surrounding areas have trusted us for years for these very reasons. They have taken advantage of our services because of the secure environment in which they are maintained and the steps we take to ensure the documents remain confidential. Only authorized client staff may request documents, which are handled in accordance with pre-established retrieval methods. Where the specific document lies within the process, electronic images can be immediately transmitted to the requestor. The paper might be scanned and transmitted or the original might be photocopied and sent back in physical form.

Transportation Industry

Several national trucking, shipping, and distribution centers are proud to call the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area home. Like many other business segments, Transportation and Logistics is a fast-changing, document-intensive industry. Manually processing shipping/warehouse receipts, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Driver’s Logs, copies of Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL), bill of lading, generating invoices and miscellaneous documents is a time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient process. In today’s current environment, issues such as profitability, competition, regulatory compliance, and the growing concern over the rising costs must be taken into account, and those in the transportation industry need to seek out an advantage in this highly competitive segment of the economy.